When someone dies it may be necessary for you to advise government departments, agencies or other oganisations.  To assist you, we have made a list of these that you may need to contact regarding the death:

  • IRD Department
  • Private Health Fund
  • RSA
  • Your Local Council
  • Your Bank/s : Credit Cards etc
  • Internal affairs re passport
  • Solicitor or Public Trustees
  • Accountants and financial advisers
  • Your doctor and medical specialists and dentist
  • Land Transport authority regarding drivers licence and registration of nay motor vehicles
  • Present and past employers
  • Your church group
  • Gardening and mailing services
  • Cancellation of newspapers
  • Gas and electricity department disconnect if the house will be empty
  • New Zealand Post – to have mail redirected
  • Telephone service
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Schools, College or University
  • Library
  • Sports clubs and organisations
  • Security company if house alarm is monitored
  • SKY TV (they require prior notice)
  • Neighbourhood Support
  • Finance companies if there are hire purchase
  • Registrar of Electors
  • Vet
  • Shops where charge accounts are held
  • Publications subscribed to
  • Police (if firearms are owned and stored)
  • Friends and Relatives
To print this checklist click on this link:


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