Pre-Paid Funeral Plan

Pre-Paid Funeral Plan


Today many of us have enough to deal with, without being concerned about our funeral expenses.  Some people worry about how their funeral account will be paid, that is why we at The Lychway Funeral Directors, offer a pre-payment service to suit all budgets.

Why Pre-Pay?

Pre-paying some or all of your estimated funeral costs helps eliminate the financial burden your family may feel at the time of your death. You can even pre-pay your headstone or plaque.

How It Works:
The funds are lodged in a government guaranteed pre-paid Funeral Trust and can only be withdrawn upon death. To access the funds we must supply them with a certified copy of the death certificate, the funeral account and a copy of the pre-paid Funeral Trust certificate.

If you relocate to another town and engage the services of a different funeral company, the funds can be withdrawn from the pre-paid Funeral Trust by them after they produce the required documentation.

The Benefits:

  • All funds invested in this scheme are government guaranteed
  • The interest earned is compounding and remains yours
  • These funds are excluded from asset testing when assessment is being made for eligibility for long term care
  • You may pay up to $10,000.00 per person
  • Unlike many other schemes no fees are charged by The Lychway Funeral Directors

Pre-arranging and pre-paying for your funeral may seem like a difficult task, but like making a will, the ideal time to make these plans is well beforehand, when wise choices can be made without worry or stress.

The Lychway offers a pre-paid funeral scheme which allows you to remove the stress of funeral costs for your family. The scheme, which allows for investment of up to $10 000, gives you and your family peace of mind by investing your money with our government guaranteed fund.


  • You choose exactly what you want.
  • Your wishes are recorded.
  • Your family need not be burdened with decision making at a very¬†difficult time.
  • Your pre-payment is excluded from asset testing when assessing for a subsidy for long-term residential care.

The Name You Can Trust
We are a 100% local family owned and operated business, assisting families in Palmerston North and surrounding areas. Serving the Manawatu, Horowhenua, Tararua and Rangitikei districts.

Our commitment is to ensure we provide families with a very compassionate, high quality professional and personalised service to meet the individual requirements and needs to all who engage our services.

Our experienced and qualified funeral professionals are able to guide you through all facets of a funeral and to assist you in making memorable funeral arrangements which reflect the personality of your loved one.

At all times we endeavour to provide appropriate services and advice for each situation.

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