and needs repatriation to another country

If the person has passed away and needs repatriation to another country

When someone dies in New Zealand who is to be repatriated to another country for burial or cremation, contact us for assistance. In addition to the normal processes that are involved in a funeral, there are other requirements which must be fulfilled to meet the regulations of the country receiving the deceased, and also the airline which will carry the deceased home.

In general terms, you will require a death certificate, evidence that the body does not have a notifiable disease, a certificate of embalming, and the necessary export and import clearance for New Zealand and the country of destination. It is also a requirement that the casket be hermetically sealed. These requirements vary from country to country and we are able to inform you of the requirements specific to your situation, and carry them out so the repatriation runs smoothly.

When the deceased is to be sent to another country the following questions might need to be considered;

a)    Will a funeral service be held in New Zealand prior to departure?

b)    Who will look after the arrangements in the other country?

c)     Are there family that wish to travel on the same flight as the casket?

When sending ashes to another country, you do have the option of taking them yourself as a carry-on item, if you have the correct documentation. If you wish to send them by post or courier, sending the ashes from one funeral director to another is the recommended method.  New Zealand Post will not accept ashes from the general public. Again, contact us for assistance.