Continuing to Care

The Lychway Funeral Directors continue to be a source of support when people have lost someone close to them.
We know that after the funeral is over and the daily routine of life settles back into its normal patterns, feelings of grief and loss surface. To assist bereaved families through this time we, in conjunction with professional bereavement counsellors have prepared various bereavement options.

Our bereavement support programme includes

  • Bereaved thoughts -A newsletter produced, in collaboration with our bereavement counsellors, which deals with grief and bereavement and the day to day issues that occur.
  • Bereavement information evenings.
  • A remembrance service for bereaved families.
  • Community bereavement information evenings.
  • Information evenings for the general community which you, your family and friends are also welcome to attend.
  • Bereavement support seminars for healthcare professionals.
  • Information programmes designed to assist healthcare professionals to understand and assist grieving people.
  • Telephone follow-up service - One of our bereavement counsellors makes contact about six weeks after the funeral to see how you are doing and if you need any help.
  • Walking groups - A monthly gathering of bereaved people to walk and talk together and offer support to one another.

Information regarding our bereavement support programme will be forwarded to you in the near future or if you would prefer not to receive this information, please contact our office.