in hospital or other facility:

When a death occurs in hospital or other facility

When a death occurs in a hospital, hospice or rest home it is common practice for the staff there to contact the doctor, on your behalf, to issue a Medical Certificate of Causes of Death. You may wish to spend time with your loved one before contacting us and the subsequent transferral of the deceased into our care.

Rest homes often request information at the time of admittance. Questions such as who is the main contact person, preference of Funeral Director and whether the person’s wish is to be buried or cremated.

When a resident dies in a rest home or hospital they will offer to contact us on your behalf. The care provider will inform us of the death and arrange a convenient time to transfer the deceased to the funeral home. Making your instructions clear to them is important.

Tell the rest home or hospital staff if you wish to spend time with the person who has died prior to us transferring them to the funeral home.

Leave a phone number and address so we can make contact with you, an indication of a time frame when you would like to be contacted by us is also helpful.