Funeral Cost Estimates:

We are often asked to advise on cost estimates with families looking to ensure they get the funeral service they require, but at a price they can afford.

To assist, we provide a range of funeral services that take into account all needs and financial circumstances. We are available to discuss your options with you and will provide estimates on the main service areas we cover. These main service areas incorporate our professional service fee and transportation charges, casket costs and disbursements (including flowers, celebrant costs, cemetery or cremation fees, newspaper notices, death certificate and catering).

The cost of a funeral varies depending on the choice of items such as the casket, flowers, newspaper notices, cemetery or cremation fees, and catering. In addition, charges for professional services in arranging the funeral, the use of hearses and other cars, mortuary care and any additional services provided.

We will always provide a written estimate and we can advise on a range of assistance available for families requiring help with funeral costs. Advice can also be given on application for funeral grants.

Below are some of the details which will need to be considered:

We will always sit down and discuss the Estimate of Financial Details. This includes receiving instructions concerning funeral arrangements:

Please feel free to discuss your budget with us, we are more than happy to provide a free no obligation quote.


When a death occurs, bank accounts in the name of the deceased are frozen and, in some cases, cannot be accessed until after Probate is granted. To ensure ongoing access by a partner, it is advisable for the bank accounts to be in joint names.

When settlement of an estate is delayed by lack of Probate, families should pay the funeral account by the due date and recover the funds from the estate when it is settled. Most funeral firms send the account directly to the family and, if required, will send a copy to the solicitor.

The person making the arrangements with the funeral director remains responsible for paying the account.


The account will be dated the day of the funeral and will be posted within approximately fourteen days after the funeral service. An Administration Fee can be charged on all accounts If the invoice has not been paid after 28 days this account becomes overdue and there may be penalties charged for late payment.

There are Funeral Grants available through WINZ and ACC, and we are happy to talk you through the options available to you.

Understanding potential costs

Deciding what the right funeral for your loved one is can be challenging. Using the estimator you can review what you should expect when you are arranging a funeral for your loved one. It is important to know that this is only an example and we are able to cater for any specific needs you might require. Costs will also change depending on the choices you make while arranging the funeral.

The person making the arrangements with the funeral director remains responsible for paying the account.

A brief explanation of services:

Professional Service Fee: The professional service fee is made of the services we provide to you. This includes but is not limited to, meeting with your family or representative, liaising with external providers and coordinating service requirements, directing the funeral, registration of the death, administration and management review and 24-hour service, and personal attendance.

Mortuary Fee: Our mortuary fee is for the care of the deceased, it includes all associated costs with this part of our services.

Cremation Fee: We use the Palmerston North City Council cremator and their charges are passed directly to you with no added margin.

Transfer Fees: Transfer fees refers to the movement of your family member, from the place where the death has occurred to our funeral home and or any other movements required.

Hearse Fee: When you use one of our fleet of hearses they are charged out at the same cost.

Doctors Fee: Every doctorís fee can and does vary, itís important to know that we do not charge extra costs for the doctorís services.

Medical Referee Fee: A medical referee is required to sign off on the cause of death, in the case of Cremation, as stipulated by the doctor.

Death Certificate: Births, Death and Marriages issue and charge for the Certified Copy of a Certificate. We will provide you with additional copies certified by a JPs at no extra charge.

Celebrants & Clergy: Whether arranged by us or your own celebrant, there is a fee for their services. In the case of clergy associated with a church parish, it is usual to offer a gratuity for services provided.

Death Notices: News paper Death notices vary from $60.00 upwards depending on the size of the notice and the newspapers selected

Photo Tribute: Over time, funerals have started to embrace technology, photo tributes are now common at funerals and are a beautiful way to remember your family member.v

Webcasting: The world has truly become a small place. We realise you might have family members living overseas and are unable to attend the funeral service. Our chapel is equipped with live streaming equipment, allowing people to watch the funeral live from anywhere in the world. We can also record the service in our archive file for future if it is required at a later date.

Viewings, Ashes Storage and Accommodation of the Deceased: there are no additional charges for any of these services.

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