Viewing your Loved One

Viewing your Loved One

Spending Time With The Person Who Has Died

Spending time with a person who has died is traditional for many people around the world. This pattern changed during the last century for some groups of people and they began to feel uneasy about being with the body of someone close. In recent years that has changed again, and the practice of spending time together has become more common across cultures in New Zealand. Most people find great comfort in doing so, even if at first they feel uncomfortable of the idea.

Feeling Uncomfortable

If this is the first time you or members of your family, have been around someone who has died, you might feel anxious about what it will be like, or what you should do. Many people have only seen a dead body on television or at the movies, and are worried or unsure about what the appearance of the person who has died will be like. Please ask us to explain to you beforehand what you can expect. Knowing this takes a lot of the fear of the unknown out of the situation.

Helping You To Accept What Has Happened

Sometimes it is hard to believe what has happened when someone dies, especially if it is a sudden or unexpected death. Seeing the person who has died can begin the process of believing that the death is real.

The Chance To Say What You Need To Say

Bereaved people often feel overwhelmed by many intense emotions. For many, spending time with someone who has died gives them an opportunity to express some of these feelings. Others appreciate the opportunity to see the body of a person they love for the last time.

When There Are Visible Injuries

Even when the person who has died has visible signs of injuries, spending time with their body gives some comfort to bereaved people. We at The Lychway will advise you about the extent of the injury and help you deal with this. In extreme circumstances this may mean viewing is not possible.

Where You Can Spend Time With Someone Who Has Died

Having the body of the person who has died, at a home or on the Marae provides family and friends with an opportunity to spend time with that person before the funeral takes place. Others prefer not to have them at home, but like to spend time viewing them at our funeral home. We can arrange either of these options.

What You Can Do

Many families provide clothing belonging to the person who has died to be dressed in. If you want to, you can dress them yourself, or we will do it for you. You may like to find some special mementos to place in the casket or write a letter to put into it. There are many ways you can make this time with the person who has died special for you, and we will help wherever we can to make this possible.