Our first meeting

During our first meeting we need to obtain certain information to register the death to the government agency of Birth Deaths and Marriages.

    This information of the deceased consists of:   Both parent’s names and their occupations:  

    If it is possible you can also bring to this meeting:

    A recent photograph of the deceased
    This way we can get a true picture of what the deceased looked like prior to their death and allow us to present them as close as possible to that photo.

    Pre-arrangement Forms and Pre-paid contract (if this has been previously arranged)

    We, or in some cases the family, may wish to dress the deceased. Therefore a full complement of clothing is required, including undergarments and clothes of your choice. Shoes are not always needed and these are optional. The type of clothes chosen are often their favourite outfit, or otherwise a style of clothes that reflected their personality.

    Other Personal Items
    For the person to wear can be brought to this arrangement meeting. During the meeting you will be asked to confirm with items you wish to be left in the casket and which are to be returned to you. Obviously personal items left in the casket will not be able to be returned after the funeral process.