Re Comments made by Dean Grant a staff member of The Lychway Funeral Directors

Firstly, Everyone has the common and given right to express their opinions based on what ever facts they have, or do not have, at their disposal. It is simply their opinion! However, Deans opinions in this matter are not shared by the Lychway Funeral Directors and other staff members.

Dean, (staff member), has made comments that do not reflect this company’s stance, nor do they reflect the FDANZ, the Embalmers Association of New Zealand, and the Coroner of New Zealand.

In this instance, Dean has made his opinions public, based on a report created by a Mr Guy Hatchard who has various overseas degrees.

This report in my opinion does not reflect anything but numbers being made to suit a particular point of view.

The Lychway Funeral Directors as well as Dean apologise for any distress that his points of view may have caused to our valued families, that allow the Lychway Funeral Directors to care for their loved ones and to the family itself, during their time of grief.



Graeme Procter